Q: Can I use my Marriage License as ID?

A: No. Since Stolen, tampered or counterfeit marriage licenses can be used by clever identity thieves and scam artists to perpetrate property frauds, reliance on a marriage license to verify identity at the closing table is not a sound practice. However, the Notary may be able to proceed with the signing if two credible witnesses are willing to vouch that they know you in your married name.

Q: Can I use my spouse as a credible witness?

A: No. A Credible witness must be neutral, impartial and not affected by the transaction, either directly or indirectly. Otherwise, the transaction may be subject to challenge.

Q: Can I still sign if my name doesn't match my driver's license?

A: Yes. But only with two credible witnesses willing to vouch that they know you by the name on the document(s).
Q: Do you work for my lender or Title Company?

A: No. I run my own notary business. Your lender or broker, and/or your title company subcontracted me to accommodate the signing of your documents.

Q: Our rate "lock-in" was only good until yesterday, but we were unavailable. Can we backdate the papers so we don't lose our excellent rate?

A: No. As a public official, a Notary has sworn to certify truthfully the facts of any notarization as they actually happened. The Notary may lose their commission and face other disciplinary actions, perhaps fines for backdating documents. It is against the law.

Q: Does the notary get paid even if I/we don't sign our documents tonight?

A: Yes. Most Independent Notaries Public have an arrangement pre set with the company that subcontracted them to visit you. The notary is an impartial party at your signing table. He/she is there only to confirm your signatures match the name on the documents. The notary has no personal gain if you sign or choose not to sign, in most cases the notary will be paid either way.




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